Our Fees
About Lisa Calleja CFP

Sunrise Financial Planning  addresses issues such as retirement planning, post secondary educational planning, cash flow & debt management ,estate planning, small business owner exit and succession planning, disabled dependent planning. Within each Life Plan a full investment analysis is done to ensure that the existing and proposed portfolio is structured to match risk tolerance and long term goals. The planning process always encompasses the lifestyle issues associated with meeting current and long term financial goals.

Sunrise Financial Plannings objective is to provide comprehensive, unbiased  financial planning advice.   

The firm is fully independent and is not involved in the sale of financial products.  Clients are guaranteed in writing that the only compensation received is that of fees from clients.

The foundation of Sunrise Financial Planning is the strict adherence to the six step financial planning process, as directed by the Financial Planning Standards Council. We believe that personal financial management focuses on the individual — all the financial and psychological factors that impact a person's life. Our objective therefore is to:

1. Help the client paint the picture of the life he /she desires to support with his/her income.                      

2. Inform & educate the client of potential barriers and opportunities to the achievement of their goals.

3. Provide opinions & advice that leads to solutions to the needs that the client has identified.